After what seems like ages (well at least 11 months), the brand new and very shiny “Suburban Nostalgia Remixed” album is ready and waiting for your ear’oles!

When we say remixed, we don’t just mean we’ve twiddled a few knobs and buttons and spat out some kind of dance version of our first slice of pop whimsey… oh no…

After the process or writing and recording “Weird and Wonderful”, we felt that the first album seemed a little rushed and unpolished by comparison, so we set about changing some keys, refining the guitar work and laying down new live drum and vocal tracks.

We think the finished version is a cut above our original effort, and to that end, we are no longer offering the original album for either sale or streaming….

This new album will be added to our iTunes and CDBaby store in due course, but in the meantime you can listen to the whole album from our new Music Player.

Hope you enjoy it!


Beresford & Wallace: Weird and Wonderful
Beresford & Wallace: Suburban Nostalgia