We’ve just come from a half-hour guest feature on Chorlton Arts Radio where we played some tracks from both albums and chatted to Mike Bulfield about our history, our songwriting methods and where we go next…

Next is, actually, some LIVE appearances as part of the Chorlton Players’ annual comedy and music shows, this year entitled Pimp My Hotpot“. We will be doing a 20 minute set as a kind of “half-time show”…like the Superbowl!

Yes, we will be singing live, and we will also have a guest musician with us, so if you fancy it, why not come along to see us at the show.

It runs from Thursday the 3rd of June to Saturday the 5th of June. Tickets are £7 Adults, £5 Concessions.

You can find out more details about it, and even buy tickets online at www.chorltonplayers.com


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