If, as I’ve speculated in the past, the time of year influences the character of Annie’s music, then it should come as no surprise that this track was originally written in January 2008. You can almost hear the winter in every note!

Whether I was subconsciously influenced by the slowing pace of our production – there’d been a gap of ten months since she had sent me the music that was to become Spin Doctor – I don’t know, but unusually it took me six months to pick up the inspiration and finish the lyric. Since it was by now more than a year after we’d settled on a name for the album, it was no trouble to go with the “weird” theme for this tune and turn it into a song about depression.

And to my mind, there is no more depressing scene than sitting in the corner of a deserted roadside diner on a grey and rainy winter’s day, letting your coffee get so cold that it ends up with dead flies circling around in it.




There’s rain on my window
See the drops run down
Cold rain on my window
Since you left this town
Stood under rainclouds
Feel like I’m gonna drown

On my grey horizon
Nothing can be seen
Through my foggy memories
Nothing in between

There’s flies in my coffee
Slowly spinning round
Dead flies in my coffee
No-one makes a sound
Sat in the corner 
Feel like I’m upside down

On my grey horizon
Nothing can be seen
Through my foggy memories
Nothing in between

Can’t hear the rain, out there
My weathervane nightmare
Were you really with me?
Where did you go?
Gets so lonely here in my mind

There’s rain in my head now
Hear the drops inside
A storm in my head now
Threatening suicide
Thunder and lightning
Feel like I’m gonna die


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