A frustrated writer who let life get in the way of art for far too long, John finally started to break out from the shackles of a regular career ten years ago. Since then he has written a novel, a screenplay, a radio play and around 50 poems. Now his frustration comes in a different guise, in that so far, none of the above has been published. He lives in hope.

For someone who until a few years ago always thought of “writing” in the context of novels, John found songwriting a unique and exciting experience, and continues to eagerly await each new piece of music from Annie to find out what story it is going to tell him.

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In her youth, Annie was, briefly, a drummer in a band, and a keen amateur actor, but had spent most of her life so far being completely artistically stifled. This changed in 2001 when she went to drama school for three years and came out the other end the better for it!

The challenge came in 2005 to try and do the one thing she could never master; songwriting. After an initial difficult period of finding her way, she determinedly pushed ahead and, after two months, wrote her first song.

This opened the floodgates somewhat and nine songs were written within the space of nine months. This formed their first album, ‘Suburban Nostalgia’ which was initially released to friends and family only.

The ‘difficult second album’ was just that, and took nearly four years to write. That second album, ‘Weird and Wonderful‘ was released in 2010, and can be streamed from the music player on this website.

Attention then turned to ‘Suburban Nostalgia’, to give it a bit of a spit and polish, since her musical skills have improved dramatically. The shiny new remixed version of the first album can now be heard on the Music Player, and is available to buy now on iTunes and CDBaby.

As well as continuing to write new songs for the ‘very difficult third album’, Annie currently writes music for theatre productions, and has been working hard on her acting career.


Beresford & Wallace: Weird and Wonderful
Beresford & Wallace: Suburban Nostalgia