All the songs from the new album, ‘Weird and Wonderful’ have now been recorded!


‘Spin Doctor’ features John on vocals, and is about the ‘truth’ our elected officials try and ram down our throats.

‘Love in the Afternoon’ is sung by Annie, and is pretty much about what the title suggests!

‘Rainy Day Delusion’ is another John track, and relates the tale of a lost love (who was never really a love in the first place).

Sovereign Stranger‘ is Annie’s second track, about a strange but powerful visitor who turns up to help at the hour of our greatest need, and then disappears again.

‘Flight of the Raven‘ tells the story of forbidden attraction to a raven-haired beauty… John sings this one.

‘More Than Just Your Face’ , sung by John again, is about someone who is still single, despite having a lot going for her…

‘Romany Refrain’ is a song that was originally composed for a stage production of ‘Live Like Pigs’ by John Arden in 2008, relating the feelings of travelling folk in the 20th century. Annie’s singing that one.

Something and Nothing‘ is another Annie song, reviewing a love gone astray, and the way it can mess with your head.

‘Me and My Girls’ is a personal song for John, as he sings about his fabulous family!

‘Rug Rat’, sung by Annie, is a pretty ditty with a very dark edge!

‘What It Means‘ is about sharing the nicer things in life with the one you love…a John song.

‘Grey Horizon’, sing by Annie, is about depression… how cheerful! 🙂


All twelve songs are now available for streaming here and on Facebook, and will be available from iTunes and other sites in a fortnight or so.


Beresford & Wallace: Weird and Wonderful
Beresford & Wallace: Suburban Nostalgia