Beresford and Wallace are currently in the process of recording their second album!

After the relatively speedy writing and recording of the first album ‘Suburban Nostalgia‘ (available to stream from this website), the second album has actually taken four YEARS to write… hopefully the recording sessions won’t take as long…

The new album, entitled ‘Weird and Wonderful’ will contain twelve new songs by John and Annie, featuring an eclectic mix of pop, rock and general whimsy!

More time is being spent on the vocal sessions this time around so expect some tasty harmonies too.

Annie has also been working on her guitar skills and almost all tracks on the new album feature live guitars and drums.

If things go to plan, a New Year release for ‘Weird and Wonderful’ is on the cards.

Watch This Space!…..

Beresford & Wallace: Weird and Wonderful
Beresford & Wallace: Suburban Nostalgia