This track started life as the incidental music for Annie’s adaptation and production of ‘The Breakfast Club‘ by her theatre group First not Last.  Having seen the play the music was fixed in my mind as something school-related. I started to think of an old friend of mine who had only ever loved one girl, a girl he met at school, and naturally enough had ended up marrying her. I imagined what it would be like looking back on a lifetime of loving one person from a time when your children had grown up and left home and you were remembering the day you first met. I was really pleased to be able to weave in a reference to the song’s origins in the first two lines…



How I remember the look that filled your eyes
Sat in the breakfast club and wearing our disguise
When looking grew into love, well I can never recall
Two hearts flying and hand in hand we skipped along the hall

Years pass so quickly, the memories we have drawn
Bare hall is quiet now, our children come and gone
You look as enchanting still as that first day in the school
Two hands holding, this old love strong and precious as a jewel

Rainy days, firelight, sitting watching the stars all night
I’d smell the grass, smell your hair, smell your sweet perfume drifting in the air
in the air; your scent in the air
I can see that loving look still fills your sparkling eyes
You and me together, can yet surprise
But in the supper club there’s no need for disguise

Beresford & Wallace: Weird and Wonderful
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