The only piece of original music on the album not to be written by Annie, Nostalgia was written for guitar by my elder daughter Natalie. I don’t know whether she expected me to write lyrics for it when she sent it to me, but it is such a hauntingly sad piece of music that I couldn’t help myself. The result, empowered by Annie’s arrangement and production skills, is for me the best song on the album (and also the shortest). Since the lyric is an amalgam of thoughts of loss: of a partner, or a daughter, or a father (from two perspectives) and also of hope for reconciliation, it is a very powerful song for me. Recording took several attempts before I could sing it without choking up.



Yesterday, went away, and the nights feel so much colder
Without you, to help me through, I must find my way alone
So I sit, with memories all around
Of your smile, your laughter’s warming sound
Of your love, the traces that I’ve found

Happy days, that we shared, will we never see another?
Tell me dear, if you could, would you walk this way again?

I will still be here
If you should appear one day passing by my door
So I dream, in my heart, you’ll be coming back tomorrow
Promise me, it won’t be, very long before you come
Home to stay

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