Make It Happen is the second track Annie layed down and when it arrived in my Inbox we were still both flushed with the sense of achievement from finishing song #1.  I think that feeling is apparent in the lyric for this number.  We started to feel that nothing was beyond us – that if we wanted to reach for the dream it was there for the taking.  All we had to do was Make It Happen.



If you want something, gotta make it happen, gotta take your show and go to town
You want that something, gotta make it happen, gotta turn this whole place upside down
If you have something, that you need to happen, then you make it happen on your own
So hold that vision, no indecision, gotta beat your drum or blow your saxophone
Then the moment comes: it happens, it happens!
When the rhythm hums, you’re laughing, you’re laughing

If you love someone, gotta make it happen, gotta pick him up or let him go
If you love someone, just make it happen, better tell him or he’ll never ever know
When your moment comes: be happy, be happy!
Grab it with both hands and ride it, yeah ride that high

Hey! When it happens, you are Supergirl and you can learn to fly
You make it happen!  You can do most anything if you’ve a mind
Build it, or climb it, or try it, or fly it, or play it, survey it, but don’t – let – it – lie
Yeah, you can do it. Nothing to it.
You can make it right this

Time (make it happen)
You can do it (make it happen)
Nothing to it (make it happen)
You can make it right this

Repeat from “Time” until fade.

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