Broken Rules was the first song we wrote. Annie was astounded that she had managed to write a complete song and I was even more astounded when lyrics started popping into my head as soon as I listened to it. I still think the end result is one of the strongest songs on the album and it has been universally well received by everyone we played it to, which was a great confidence booster.

The song is also notable for a spooky bit of synchronicity between us. The original version was two lines shorter (immediately after the middle eight) and we both came to the conclusion, independently and after we’d recorded it, that there was something missing from the song at this point. Annie wrote the extra few bars and the two missing lines suggested themselves to me immediately upon hearing the revision.



You and me, is a game we always play
You and me, is a price we have to pay
Until today, we were oh so sure that we’d never lose, but now
On the rack
We’re losing track
Please put it back
Like yesterday.

You and me, it’s a game with broken rules
You and me, and it’s me feels like a fool
Still waiting here, while a world outside makes the moves you won’t allow
Hear my plea
You hold the key
How could you be
So cruel?

I hide the pain I feel
My love for you is real

You and me, and deceit you can’t conceal
You and me, is a hurt I want to heal
I know you feel the same, when your tender touch says "forgive me, I was wrong"
When you say
Please let me stay
With you today
And we’ll… play another game

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